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After a great season of competitions, Brogan Weber, wrote a nice article to share about Positive Thinking.

Having a positive attitude can be difficult, especially if you are going through hardship or something even the slightest bit negative. The lack of positivity can be caused by a number of things, one of the biggest antagonizers of negativity is over thinking which can become a really bad habit. If you allow this to become a common mindset, you may be blind to moments happening in your life that are full of happiness and joy.

In this environment, I often encourage my students to use dance as an escape from their daily lives and any troubles they may be going through.  Dancers are here because they love what they are doing, so why not keep this aspect of your life fun and maintain a positive mind? Because having a positive mindset all of the time is easier said than done, positivity or a positive mind is not about pretending or brushing negativity under the rug, it is about recognizing what is happening around you and striving to make the best of it. I am certain that focusing on the positive things in your life will make you and the people surrounding you much happier. You cannot avoid negative situations, hardships are a common part of everyone’s life but I want to encourage all to acknowledge and accept these times but never lose sight of the good in life.

To put this to practice, I want you to take a look back at how you have spent your time over the past week. Who made you feel good? Who didn’t? What did you enjoy doing? What would you rather not have done? The more time you spend with enthusiastic people and doing things that bring you joy, the easier it will be to maintain a positive mindset.

I hope that dance or theatre can bring as much joy and positivity to your life as it did to mine and many people in my life.  

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