Happy Valentines Day.

I thought that the new series; Performing Arts Survival Kit - Sharing is Caring would be appropriate on Valentines Day.  A day that illustrates that sharing is caring.

What does it mean, sharing is caring as it pertains to the performing arts though?

As a performer, what exactly are you sharing that shows you care?  Are you sharing your performance, yourself, your passion, your artistry?  Or maybe all of the above.  We often feel that in dance education it is all about the dancer and how they develop, or what do they get out of the experience and growth, but why do we learn to perform if it is only about us?  What about the audience?  If we focus only on ourselves and what we receive, who are we performing too?

Although it is important for personal growth, it is also really import to recognize that we are performing for an audience.  We are performing to inspire, motivate, create love or anger, or even stir an emotional feeling inside the heart of our audience.  If we don't share our performance, what are we actually learning when we train in the performing arts?  Therefore is sharing only pertaining to us giving to an audience with no enjoyment or desire to do it for ourselves?  And therefore, do we care.

It is my experience that you cannot fake things.  You either can tap into the story and idea or you can't.  You can however learn to take on other ideas and be open to points of view.  We learn about words like diversity, empathy, understanding to take on roles and perspectives.  And it is this openness that helps us create characters.  Discussions amongst your directors or team can hep develop an appreciation and therefore this sharing helps develop and care.

It would therefore seem reasonable that sharing ideas is also caring whether it be for an audience or our development.  As a performer do we just focus on lines, music, and choreography?  Don't you want to tell your story?  Don't you want to learn from others and hear their stories in return?

Your answer has to be yes.  Sharing real passion and performance quality with people is sharing.  Sharing the best you have shows how much you care whether it is for an audience or development.

Sharing your story, passions, abilities is therefore caring.

Submitted by Darla Lemay


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