When I was 14 I performed my very first tap solo to Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. (I wore a super cute pink and black glitter pin striped suit in case you were wondering!) I still remember the choreography to this day; ironic because I didn’t do any of it on stage. Standing in the wing I was so nervous I thought I’d vomit for sure! Nonetheless I was motivated to push through; after all, this was not my first time dancing solo. So my music started, I did my entrance, and all was well… until it wasn’t. I will never forget looking to the wing and watching my teachers face go from pride to panic as I subconsciously began to freestyle - THE ENTIRE DANCE! Upon exiting the stage, I too began to panic about the performance I had just given, but my instructor kept assuring me it was some excellent material for a 2nd year tappers 'free-styling’. Little did I know, the adjudicators felt the same way. Fast forward 3 days to the end of the competition, my team and I sat anxiously awaiting the final studio award announcements.

14 year old Seana (with only 2 years of tap experience under her belt) won a scholarship to Los Angeles, California with a tap solo that could never be recalled or repeated. While dancing in LA on scholarship I shot a music video and trained with the cast of the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque Du Soleil show. Being awarded for such a whimsical solo performance also gave me the confidence to pursue intensive training in the field of tap, and helped me achieve my career highlight of representing Team Canada with my tap duet partner at the 2014 Dance World Cup.

All of the steps and combinations I missed in that one solo ended up influencing my path drastically, and played a major roll in current career. Turns out my missed steps were never missed steps at all.

Seana Batke,

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