In our latest segment; Meeting the Team; Uncovering the Truth, I wanted to introduce Krista Lin.

Miss Krista teaches a variety of classes for Stageworks such as Contemporary, Preschool, Acro and Ballet at the Recreation and Competitive Levels.

When I asked Miss Krista, what information would no one know about you she provided some fun facts.  Enjoy.  But first, lets be reminded of Miss Krista's professional bio as found in our website:

Miss Krista - has spent 13 years as a dance instructor and 14 years professional dancer, 30 years training. Miss Krista is an Edmonton-based dance artist, instructor, producer, and choreographer. She has created and performed work for the independent stage, Fringe, musicals, and unconventional spaces. This is her third year with Stageworks and she is thrilled to be here! Krista has taken training throughout the world including from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, GAGA Intensive (Israel), EDAM Intensive (Vancouver), daCi Conference (Taiwan), Clown with Mike Kennard, Various Voice Workshops (Richard Armstong; Lee Su-Feh), Arts and Culture Management Diploma (MacEwan University), Learning Through the Arts (Royal Conservatory, Toronto).

Miss Krista is part of our Intensive/Accelerated team as well and has numerous awards for her choreography.

The Uncovered Truth - Miss Krista

  • My professional dance training encompassed not just ballet, contemporary and modern syllabus, but clown, vocal, pedagogical and somatic training as well.
  • I love to travel and have been across western Europe and Asia. I've traveled to Taiwan 7 times, once alone without my family, and even taught a dance workshop there.
  • I'm an only child and I've lived in four provinces and 5 different Canadian cities.
  • I'm an arts manager and work as a part time General Manager for Punctuate Theatre.
  • I have one child and his arabesque is now better than mine - he is only 2.
  • As a dancer I am afforded the ability to consume lots of food as I work it off dancing. While I try to make it healthy, I can eat a whole pie to myself and a box of donuts... if I must.
  • I've driven from Edmonton to Toronto or back 12 times, sometimes with people and sometimes all alone, talking to the cows by the time I make it to Saskatchewan.
  • I love dogs. I have a yellow lab named Louie.
  • I did not own any black clothing items until I was 20 years old.

Welcome back Miss Krista and thank you for sharing your talents and passion with our students.


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