From the Mouth of Babes

Recently I reached out to some of our members and asked if they could give us a testimony to include in a Business Brochure I was producing.  It was a great way of hearing from our members and how they feel about Stageworks.

This is a paragraph that was shared by an Accelerated Dance Member and Student.

I would like to introduce Tammy Jalbert and her daughter Grace.

Tammy is a school teacher in an elementary school here in Leduc.  And Grace is an accelerated dance student.  That means she dances in just about everything and she also competes in all of those dance forms.

They shared the following testimony:

We love Stageworks!  Darla and her staff are supportive, understanding, and passionate about dance and the arts.  Stageworks and their teachers are role models who promote the love of dance and teamwork by providing a caring and positive environment. They encourage the students to be their very best!  My daughter started at Stageworks 8 years ago. She cannot imagine dancing anywhere else. When I asked her about dancing at Stageworks, she said,

“I love the teachers.  The dances that they choreograph for us are exciting to learn.  Also,

the students I dance with are awesome.  To me, Stageworks feels like home.”

Thank you Stageworks for instilling the love of dance, teamwork and inspiring my daughter to be all that she can be!

Thank you Tammy and Grace, we love having you part of our Stageworks Family.

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