"Some students get to go to the Nutcracker; But our students get to be in the Nutcracker" 

December is going to be dedicated to those articles and stories that surround THE NUTCRACKER.

December 3 - Who Wants to Be in the Nutcracker. December 10 - The Characters in the Nutcracker December 17 - The Movie The Nutcracker December 24 - The Nutcracker December 31 - And so the story goes.

Okay, based on an article from DanceSpirit.com there are 7 reasons why everyone wants to be in the Nutcracker.  According to DanceSpirit's blog, their 7 reasons are:

1. You Get to Spend So Much Time with Your Friends

The rehearsals are long and require each dancer to be on their toes.  LOL.  But, it does take practice and going over the choreography over and over again.  Students will rely on each other to do well, it makes sense that they would become closer friends.

2. It Puts You in the Christmas Spirit

From the beginning of the ballet to the end it has so many festive dances and pieces of music.  It actually starts from a party on Christmas Eve with the decorating of the Stahlbaum's Christmas Tree.  And, those songs are everywhere you go while shopping or watching Christmas Shows that only come out one time a year.

We fa-la-la-la-love those Christmas feels.

3. The Costumes are Magical

The costumes for The Nutcracker are just gorgeous.  Everyone has their favourites from the Snowflakes, Sugar Plum Fairies, or Flowers.  My personal favourite costume is the Sugar Plum Fairies, but my favourite dance is the Snowflakes and the Flowers.  The performers I am sure can't help but feel like there in a dream when they slip into those stunning costumes.

4. It Pushes You to Be Better

Being in The Nutcracker is such a great learning experience. It truly challenges you to be the best you can be and to give your all, no matter how exhausted you are.

Ballet is the hardest and most important dance form.  It is for this reason that students often get discouraged and frustrated by the stamina it takes to do the same step over and over to get it perfect.  Therefore, doing The Nutcracker motivates the students to continue to work harder on their training.

5. You Get to Be Immersed in the Beautiful Music

All of the music is extraordinary, but listening to the music of these iconic songs just puts a chill up my spine.  Most people hear the music as it is used in commercials or Christmas TV Specials.  The music is very well known, however, most people can't really recall the names of the songs but recognize the melody.  If I were to say to you, how does the March go, or maybe the Dance of the Merlitons, you may not know, but listening to the classical instruments and arrangement will definitely strike a chord.

6. You Get to Play a Variety of Roles

The great thing about doing The Nutcracker for more than just one year is that you eventually get to play so many different roles. One year you're the Sugar Plum Fairy and the next you're the Snow Queen!

When you are a smaller school you get to play so many different roles.  For example some of my ballet students are playing Party Kids, Snowflakes, Russian Dancers, and Sugar Plum Fairies.  How cool would it be to learn so many dances and wear so many awesome costumes?  And next year they may be in the Pine Forest or the Waltz of the Flowers.

7. You Get to Be a Part of a Classic Dance Tradition

At the end of the day, being in The Nutcracker means taking part in a long tradition of gorgeous dance that we celebrate every year. Plus, it's a dancer milestone: Almost every professional out there will tell you they performed in the show as a student. To be honest, that makes all the hard work worth it.

So, I guess there are at least 7 reasons why everyone wants to be in the Nutcracker.

Next blog we will look at are the Characters of the Nutcracker.  So if I confused you with the greatest reasons why the Nutcracker is so amazing, then you may understand once we look at the characters and the motivation and reason for their role.


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