Dance has so many sweet moments from the moment the student tries on their very first pair of dance shoes (especially tap shoes) to the first time the stretching has paid off and they can now do full-on splits, to the first time you nailed that 'russian'.

For me, it is that moment when the little ones are backstage waiting for their time to dance on stage.  By the time this moment has happened, these preschool students have made such huge strides. They have overcome the anxiety of leaving Mom and going into the studio.  (When that door closes it becomes very clear Mom is not with them, she can’t see them, and now they have to be alone in the class. For some students, this is extremely difficult and for a few, they run into the class barely saying goodbye.  Many students, at any age, are apprehensive of the unknown.)

Although scared, most preschool students do go into class, apprehensive or not.  They look for comfort from the teacher and reluctantly follow his or her every step.  At the end of, a seemingly never-ending, ems to take forever, dance class the student gets special sparkles and patiently waits for the teacher to open the door.  The door opens and voila a concert of, ‘mommy’, is heard through the whole studio. Right there and then, confidence is built and trust is established.

Week after week special events are bestowed upon them and week after week students arrive in their twinkle dresses and teddy bears and a big smile on their face.  New songs are introduced including their performance song.

At Stageworks our Christmas Show for preschool students is a highlight!. This is a celebratory event for family and friends to enjoy prepared by all the teachers and staff. And . . . the stars of the show are the little ones.

Costumes are chosen, their hair is done, sparkles are everywhere, and makeup is applied.  They are ready to show their families how much fun they have been having each week in class. Waiting in the wings backstage, are big eyes, still bodies, and quiet children.  You know they are not sure what is happening, but they look at you with so much trust and hope that you will take care of them and not let them get hurt. We see this and get them dancing to the music on stage and help them feel less nervous.  The lights dim and they quietly go on stage.

Confident they will love their dancing performance, we wait for the music to start and for the audience to break out in applause, lights dim and they come backstage smiling and jumping and laughing and full of pride and pure joy.

My Sweet Moments.

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