Why Stageworks?

Developing the Performer Within!

At Stageworks we believe there is a performer within each and every one of us. Our goal is to teach children and adults to love the art of dance, theatre, acting and performing. At Stageworks Academy we strive to offer the best training we can for ALL of our students whether they choose a recreation program or intensive-accelerated program. We do this through teaching the principles of dance and theatrical production. We challenge and guide students to grow and develop through class instruction and performance using gentle, disciplined direction and a comprehensive curriculum. Classes are taught by uniquely qualified and caring instructors. It is an honour and priveledge to serve the Leduc community and surrounding area, and we hope you will join us a part of our Stageworks Family!
We are excited to be a great option to experience the performing arts. As an ARTS ORGANIZATION for more then 38 years, Stageworks has been a pillar in the City and County of Leduc.  Our mission is to provide the best performing arts training and appreciation to students 2 - adults in dance, theatre arts, and production while still being true to our grassroots philosophy and principals. Every child and adult has the right to the best performing arts training available to them.  Stageworks prides themselves on offering the most options for our community.  Whether you are seeking dance training or theatre training, we know we have something for you.  Check us out at our many events throughout the season, and if you don't see something, give us a shout, we would be glad to assist you in your PERFORMING ARTS TRAINING. At Stageworks you are more then a member, you are family.

Stageworks Facility

Stageworks is situated in the beautiful Cultural Village Site.  The cultural site hosts Leduc Drama Society and the Stone Barn Garden.  The site is very close to the rowing centre, lede part that accommodates rugby, football, soccer, and baseball.  It is also very close to the community gardens and has a beautiful pathway that runs very close.

Stageworks Facility has 3 beautiful studios; Young Studio; a gorgeous 1300 square foot dance studio with a shiny hardwood floor and a solid wall of mirrors. Thompson Hall; is a large 1500 square foot studio that has a separate washroom, kitchen, wall to wall mirrors, and along with a brand new dance floor, this Hall can also be set up to a number of tables that can be set up to accommodate meetings as well. Mackenzie Room; is a smaller 800 square foot studio that is a perfect intimate studio for smaller classes, preschool classes and solo work and is also equipped with a special sprung floor and wall to wall mirrors.

Stageworks Facility has a studio lounge with comfortable couches, lockers for their personal items and a microwave to cook their dinner.  Students can also, just chill there in between classes.

If you require dance apparel, Stageworks has a fully stocked Dance Store with all your needs.  You can come to Stageworks and register for classes and buy all your dance or performance needs right at Stageworks.  No need to go all over to find your needs like shoes, leotards, shorts, tights, or Stageworks Spirit Ware.

And can we brag about our amazing costume room?  Seriously, it has amazing costumes all lined up and ready for performers to put them on.

Our members are very proud of this beautiful facility.  We designed this building to meet all our needs to assist our students and to bring the very best performing arts education we can.

Special SHOUTOUT to Dona Van Raamsdonk for the beautiful photos.



A huge part of our Stageworks Team and Stageworks family are our incredible volunteers. Volunteers are invaluable to our organization and we are thrilled again to offer a volunteer program that allows you to give to us; and we can give back to you. If you wish to help out in one of the areas listed below, please contact our volunteer coordinator Candice Fiorentino at stgwrks4@gmail.com. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the volunteer benefits available.

There are many jobs throughout the year for our members to consider including:  

  • Building sets
  • Painting sets
  • Building costumes
  • Gathering props
  • Distributing fliers and posters
  • Front of House show responsibilities
  • Purchasing
  • Organizing and labeling costumes
  • Organizing and prepping fundraiser purchases

Volunteer Benefits:  Each volunteer will receive a voucher for volunteering that they can use at the Stageworks Store (dance apparel/ merchandise) or use towards program tuition.  Each job will have an earned amount based on time and specific job.

Sponsor & Donors

A huge part of our Stageworks family includes our donors and sponsors. Are you looking for a great well established arts organization to partner with? Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts is an arts organization that has served the City of Leduc and greater Capital Region for over 35 years.  Classes are taught in the performing arts including dance and theatre.  Arts education is provided through a classroom setting, community performance and annual productions.

Sponsorship: enables Stageworks to produce high quality learning opportunities to students of all ages and an exciting opportunity for students and members of the community to be involved in putting on high quality shows.

As a show sponsor and partner of Stageworks you will receive the following benefits:

  • $100.00 contribution - Powerpoint recognition at each and every performance, up to 15 performances.
  • $250.00 contribution - Website Sponsor and Powerpoint Recognition at every performance, up to 15 performances.
  • $500.00 contribution - Major specific show sponsor benefits of your choice including: Theatre Signage, Poster Signage, Website Notification, 8 complimentary tickets to opening night show, shoutout at each and every show, and Powerpoint recognition as a major sponsor at every performance, up to 15 performances.

For more information contact Darla Lemay at 780-986-2884 or email at stgwrks@gmail.com.

Donations: As a registered non-profit organization, Stageworks Academy appreciates the donations received from our members, service clubs, community organizations and individuals. Each year we conduct a charitable campaign for non-active members. By giving a donation of $50 or greater, you will receive a charitable taxation receipt.

If you would like to make an additional Charitable Donation to Stageworks Academy, please contact Darla Lemay, Arts Director at 780-986-2884.