Stageworks is pleased to offer an accelerated and intensive program.  In May of each year, Stageworks holds an OPEN audition for those students who wish to participate in this level of training.  If you are new to Leduc and would like further information, please contact the office at 780-986-2884.

The Intensive/Accelerated program is for students who love to dance and can't get enough of training in their current classes. 

Opportunities for intensive dancers (those students who wish to perform in solos, duets, or small groups) will include compete in 3 festivals throughout the year. These festivals usually are in April, or May.  As a member of the intensive program, the students are required to take a class in the style they wish to compete in.  Students in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary or acro are also required to take an additional technique class  such as the Jumps, Turns, and Stretch class. It is also recommended that students in the Intensive/Accelerated program take the acrodance class to increase the ability to incorporate "tricks" into their dance routines.

Stageworks also offers an accelerated program.  The program has a number of classes each student is required to take as a minimum.  These classes are based on the level of training each child will be training at.  Teams available in the accelerated program are:

Mini Team, students on this team will enroll in the following classes: Mini Ballet, Mini JTS, Mini Jazz, and Mini Tap.

Juniors Team - students on this team will enroll in the following classes: Junior Ballet, Junior JTS, Junior Jazz, Junior Acro and Junior Tap.

Senior Team - students on this team will enroll in the following classes: Senior Ballet, Senior JTS, Senior Jazz, Senior Acro, Senior Tap, Senior Lyrical, Senior Contemporary, Senior Pointe, Progressive Ballet and Senior Hip Hop.


Students must have good attendance. It is considered an honour to be chosen for the accelerated teams and students can quickly loose this right if they are not acting in a positive and productive manner. Intensive/Accelerated students are required to pay for their entry fees, choreography fees, and costume fees in advance of starting their intensive work.