Like every dance teacher out there, I grew up dancing. The studio was my second home and I absolutely loved being there. When I was a dancer we didn’t do competitions so the year end show was our big showcase to show off all our incredible dances and all the hard work from the year. It was my favourite time of year and I loved getting to perform with my friends in front of all our families over the weekend. 

One year in particular stands out more than the other years. It was my second last year as a dancer and I was loving our jazz routine that year. We were all super excited when we got to the theatre. I got my costumes all organized, got my makeup on, did my hair and started stretching and warming up. I could feel all those pre performance jitters but I couldn’t wait to hit the stage and perform. 

Finally, of what always seems like an eternity, it was our turn to dance. We got into our poses on stage, the lights came on and the music started. Everything was off to a great start until suddenly we noticed something flying around above us. A bat!

There was a bat that was up in the rafters above the stage and once the music started it got spooked and started flying around us. And this bat didn’t just fly out once, it was swooping down close to us while we danced and continued this throughout our routine. We were all a little concerned about this bat but we had no choice but to continue dancing. The audience of course noticed this bat too and we could all visibly see them stirring in their seats with looks of shock on their face. 

Our song finally ended and I am happy to say we pulled it off like champs. Once we were backstage we all shared how shocked we were that that had just happened. 

Thankfully that was our only encounter that evening with the bat and we were able to dance out the weekend without any other surprise encounters. 

This definitely was a year end show I will never forget as we danced to Eye of the Tiger or . . . eye of the bat.

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