My Missed Step, Never Missed a Step

In college I had a vocal exam in front of a panel our vocal coach teachers.  I sang “Never” from a musical called On the Twentieth Century.  To say I was nervous was an understatement.  Not only do I have a panel of people in front of me, grading my technique and performance but I also know that this song will influence the part that I will get in upcoming show that we are doing.  As a Theatre Arts student, I wanted to be considered as a lead role in our musicals because then I can put that on my resume and hopefully get work in the future!
I handed my sheet music to the pianist, introduced myself and my song, nodded to the pianist that I was ready and she began to play.  The song started off strong.  It is a fast paced character song, and easy to dive into the character and really “perform”.  I felt like at one with the character and like I was really selling it!  Before I knew it I realized that I was so “into” the song that I completely lost my place. Somehow I found a pivotal moment of the song to jump to and stayed in my character hoping that the panel didn’t notice that I was now making up the ending of this song.  Thank GOD my pianist is an AMAZING piano player and was somehow able to accompany the rocky ship that I was steering.  I finished the song, thanked everyone for their time, collected my sheet music, said a quiet but very heart-felt thank you to the pianist and left the room.
The following week I received my grades and comments from the exam.  I received an A+!  My vocal coach (who was on the panel) of course new exactly how the song should go and knew I derailed.  She was shocked how I was able to pull the notes out of thin air (as I as so off track) and that I was able to not miss a beat.
Later that year I got the lead role in our musical.

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