You have met the team, they are displayed on facebook, instagram and our website.

I wanted to highlight these amazing group of people and tell you why I choose them to work with your child.

Uncovering the truth about Asha Marshall was so much fun.  She works with our Hiphop Dancers.

Here is a reminder of who Asha is:

Miss Asha - has been teaching for 17 years and dancing since she was 3 years old. This will be Asha's third year with Stageworks. Asha has done choreography, taught, trained and performed in and around Alberta, throughout Canada, United States, China and Spain. Asha loves movement music and the magic that comes to life when the two are combined. Asha has her own movement company, LOVE YOUR MOVEMENT that teaches students to enjoy their movement and is hired by many schools to work with their students.

The uncovered truth

Asha is an amazing dancer who still dances and tours.  She dances with a group called The Fly Girls.  Check her and the girls out they are very good.

Fun Facts:

  • Asha studied Mathematical Statistics at the University of Alberta.
  • Asha was on the team that choreographed for the Winter Games in Vancouver.
  • Asha, also worked with the Edmonton Oilers Octane Performers.
  • And, this is kinda weird but, we all love her not just because she is so good, which she is, but because her music is so much fun and she always looks so cool.  Even when she wears oversized sweats and sweatshirts, she always looks amazing.

Asha is very organized and works at every element of hiphop delivery.  She considers her students ability and desires and then incorporates a program that works best for her students.  In 2019 Asha received a choreography award for work she did with our hiphop 3 group.  The adjudicator loved the elements that she put together for their piece.

I enjoy working with Asha.  She is very professional and encouraging and works well with her students.  I chose a contract again with Asha as I can see her strategically piece together plans that will help all students learn hiphop and enjoy learning their movement through the appropriate culture of Hiphop.

Please see a video of Asha working an Edmonton studio at Dance Code.  Asha is on your left and she looks fantastic.  Thank you Dance Code for allowing us to share your video.






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