What can you possibly say about the Nutcracker that people wouldn't know?

It has some of THE most iconic music EVER!  We may not even know that the music that we have heard is actually classical music that was the foundation of one of THE most popular Ballets.

After doing the Nutcracker with my students, I have come to the conclusion that one should never underestimate the classics.  Our society wants to always make things new and modern cause we say that is progress.  I think it is because we cannot or choose not to understand the classics so we change things so we do get it.  But . . . we call it modernizing.  Hmmmm.  I get it.  The Nutcracker is a very difficult show to produce and direct.  The music is difficult making the choreography difficult to create and then difficult to dance to. It also requires specific costumes, which are elaborate and stunning and difficult to find and order and expensive.  But it is one of my highlights of my career that I will always love and cherish.

Our show we chose to do . . .

Party Kids, Mice, Soldiers, Prince & Clara, SnowFlakes, Angels, Spanish Dancers, Arabian Dancers, Chinese Dancers, Russian Dancers, Dances of the Merlitons, Mother Ginger and her Children, Sugar Plum Fairies, and Flowers.

This experience has left me to brag and praise moments of collaboration between directors, dancers, teachers, and parents.

Now moving forward . . .

The Nutcracker will be done again in 2019 and this time it will be even bigger and better.  Heres to a great future, Mr. Nutcracker.

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