Our last blog of the Nutcracker and the last blog of 2018.

Moving toward a new and improved Nutcracker our faculty has a lot to consider and will meet in January to discuss what worked, what could be improved on, and what do we want to remove from the production.

  1. We do have some challenges to work out such as- the dates that are available to us.

  2. - what happens when costumes don't get delivered.

  3. - who should our performers be?  Is it easier to limit each class to one or should we combine those classes.  And . . . should guest dancers be hired to play the Prince, Older Clara, Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy?

  4. - the cost of The Nutcracker is so large, can we really give out free tickets and what should the cost be to parents? - should we have the option to be in the show or have each class involved that pertains to ballet and preschool

So many things to consider.

What about a different story, like the story after the story?

After talking with many people whom had never seen the Nutcracker, I realized, we could expand on the story and take a classic and tell our story by continuing. As far as I can tell, I cannot see where anyone told an after story.

Like . . .
- what if Clara goes back home and opens up a Christmas Shop for everything Nutcracker?
- Fritz and Clara realize they were given a gift that is so magical that they use the story and magic for good in our world.
- Clara tells her family where she's been and says, but there is no place like home?
- Clara comes back with the real Prince whom was a Nutcracker because of a spell from the wicked Mother Ginger and tries to find his family assisted by Clara.

There are so many after stories.  Do you have an after story to consider?

Stay tuned!

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