International Teachers Day

A teacher is . . .

  • A work of heart.
  • A life-long learner
  • A mentor to their students inspiring them to learn.
  • An individual to which students look up to and trust they will be taken care of from.
  • An encourager and cheerleader over their student's successes.
  • Instinctive and able to read between the lines understanding your looks of insecurity and asking for help without asking.
  • A true partnership with a mutual end goal.
  • Detail oriented and able to visualize where and what it takes to create art.
  • Professional and stern who cares about your journey.
  • Selfless and giving of their talent to help you display your talent.
  • A coach who strategizes every action.
  • An ear to you speaking your truth.
  • A studio friendly partner to all students who want to learn from them.
  • A creator of art.
  • Compassionate
  • Understanding
  • The lifeblood of our tomorrow.
  • Your reason to want to learn more, dance more, and be more.

Yes, a teacher is all these things.  Congratulations to all those amazing teachers out there for giving everything they can.

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